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"Hi, I'm Chihiro, an IT Technician with a passion for ensuring users feel confident and comfortable with technology. I also volunteer for civil society organizations in Myanmar, working towards safer digital practices. This blog showcases digital security with a particular focus on empowering individuals to protect their data privacy and navigate the timeline of digital coup in Myanmar."

About Me

"I’m happy to help with your business needs! Offering a range of services, including Microsoft Office 365 purchase options for nonprofits, and provide hands-on training for end users and IT support. As a freelancer, I can be flexible with my schedule and offer competitive rates. Feel free to reach out to me from anywhere, ensuring personalized solutions for every client."

IT Journey

As an IT Technician with years of hands-on experience in troubleshooting, configuring, and maintaining computer systems, I am committed to delivering exceptional customer service. My goal is to provide innovative solutions to complex technical issues, fostering a positive user experience. By consulting on and mitigating digital risks, I ensure reliable and secure IT infrastructure for your organization.

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